Level 2:
Team Execute (50 hours)

Jumpstart your team's season with a Level 1 and  Level 2 two-person team-building curriculum.

Team-build while training

It takes time to build rapport and operate smoothly with a new work partner. Stress can build and productivity can halt if uncertainty about the task and roles is included. Your team can get ahead of this slow start in the field by developing their workflow in the training environment.

Gains in workflow efficiency:
faster higher quality repairs

Combining the Level 1 and 2 curriculum to complete a repair together adds a day to the trainees schedule with huge returns in teamwork.  We teach the team members how to perform their roles effectively, and how to communicate what is important at the right time. Given the training, the team can trust each other to help execute the repair. The Support role gains deeper comprehension and responsibility. Your lead benefits from improved support to get the repair done quicker, and gaining the confidence to take on more complex repairs sooner.