Level 2:
Execute (40 hours)
Refine skills, fill gaps of knowledge, go forth and repair. 

Supervised Cat 3 Repair

The goal in Level 2: Execute is competent execution of Cat 3 repairs. Your new leads will benefit from these classes. Fundamental comprehension and exposure to tools is essential prior to this class. Interaction with engineering, reporting and job management skills are assessed. Repair based on generic GE repair standards.
Topics and processes covered:

Kitting: Templates, Reinforcements, Vacuum Consolidation

When things get complex, an orderly process keeps it simple. We teach the "why" as well as the "how" and "when". Technicians understanding why to do things allows them to engineer solutions and be more self sufficient.

The Environment
Classroom lectures pertain to the steps of the day. Tablets are distributed and trainees are briefed on how to document their steps and communicate with "Engineering" at Stop points. Trainees operate the power tools in a dust collection booth, and kit their projects in the clean room.  Trainers are available every step of the way to assist in skill building, critical thinking development, and retraining bad habits.

Focus Points are: