Time and place to learn the process.


One common and consistent issue for all blade service providers is a supply of competent composite repair technicians.

It is difficult to maintain a team of technicians who can perform repairs profitably. Attrition is high for this field. It takes special people to execute high quality repairs, even more so at height. Service providers spend precious resources training and trying to retain their high-performing technicians.

Considering the two - three person crews, as well as the the physical distance between technicians, there is little room for teaching. This means much of the on-the-job training disappears, along with skills advancement of promising technicians. 

It's difficult to make time for learning while producing in the field. Whatever the access method, the blade type, the client - what is important is the product, the composite repair.

A Place to Learn

The best way to develop your teams are to empower them through adequate training. Confidence is gained by working through the unknown, and this can involve mistakes. Give your team the time and the opportunity to work through their personal learning process.

An investment in composites training allows for these gains to be made without affecting your clients expectations in the field.

Seeing a repair through from beginning to end allows a tech to experience every step of the repair process. One can see the effects of compounding errors, and the benefits of things like preplanning and working clean. 

Having a repair done under supervision of an expert prevents bad habits from becoming regular and costly in the field. 

Over a few seasons of your entire team going through the Academy programs, your company will maximize its  benefit from a proficient workforce, workflow efficiency, and mentoring