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Service Providers can outsource standardized trainings to us, tailoring curriculum to your needs, and knowing that technicians have a solid foundation from which to proceed.

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Blade Repair Academy is your partner in building your team. Our teams' work history in both blade services and engineering departments informs our service offerings. We know where the common weak spots are in skillsets and we know how to account for them in training. We are familiar with the hiring and training arc, specifically the critical first two years of employment getting a tech up to speed. We'd prefer to build a program with you specific to your needs, interfacing with your new employees as well as your experienced technicians.  

By offering our fundamental composite training in two separate classes, Support and Execute, we split the investment you are putting in training. This ensures each technician is balancing training with experience gained through repetition in the field. The new trainee will learn what they need to know to fulfill their supporting role competently. Gaining in-field experience will show both employer and technician that they are ready for the Execute class, where we take technicians to the next level, preparation for a composites lead role.

Our relationship can be transactional: reserving seats, weeks and trainers  as your needs arise, according to availability and including seasonal rate changes.

Our relationship can be contractual:  periodic payments for training credits that can be used in the Academy during peak season and in the field (training, audits) in shoulder seasons.  Plan further out and simplify your budget, enjoying discounted services.


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