Vocational Training

See the world from new heights.

Why Work in this Industry?

The blade services industry is growing, because many wind turbines are approaching the end of their service life and need frequent maintenance. Over the life of a turbine, blade damages happen in many ways: transportation from the factory, installation, the weather and environment it operates in. Erosion on the leading edge from operating at speed is most common, with lightning strikes, debris, wind and constant temperature changes also affecting the blades. Small problems can become larger if not dealt with in a timely fashion. Surfaces erode then bond lines start to separate, or sometimes more compromising damage to the composite structure can occur, and the turbine must be shut down, losing revenue for the owners. 

This is where you come in.  It's a small, select group of people who have what it takes and want to live this kind of life. Is it hard to find good work where you live?  This line of work, it doesn't matter much where you live.  It  does take a desire to travel and see the country. You need to go where the wind turbines are. Does all expenses paid travel and accommodations sound nice to you? Most companies send techs out on "Tours"; 5 to 8 weeks out, 1 to 2 weeks home. Do you like working outdoors, do you need out of a building? Working at height can be thrilling or completely out of the question; do you know where you stand? Or better said, Where you WANT to stand?  There is plenty of repair work with your feet on the ground in laydown yards and erection sites, but working at height is valued more! 

Seasonal hard work, lots of time off. Most folks have the winter off, and enjoy it having worked extra hard during the warmer months. If you are so inclined you will have time for a sideline, second gig, or personal passion to pursue. Being away from home and family, this routine can make sense once you adjust. 

Wages commensurate with experience.  A promising tech can go from the  low $20's an hour to the high $30's in three years, maybe sooner depending on who you are working for. Top technicians are in the $40-$50+ range.  An investment in skills can pay off quickly if you are motivated.

There is a tremendous amount of opportunity for those who are motivated to climb the career ladder, not just the turbines!

Why BRA?

Blade Repair Academy will prepare you for an exciting career in Blade Service. While there are other skillsets and certifications you need, for the most part, the employer provides those. Investing in your own Composites Skills training is the quickest way to improve your wage, acting independently to serve yourself.

Existing techs, invest in yourself! One of the frustrations techs have out in the field is waiting and waiting and waiting for the day they can train up and earn higher wages. It's difficult for service providers to stop motion during the season and transition into training when you need it.  Save some per diem, and between tours, come get the training. When you get your raise, it'll pay for itself.

We study each trainees learning methods, competencies and weaknesses and address where we can target your growing skillset. You generate and leave with a report of your repair and results that are a tangible item to show your potential employers. 

We offer placement services to our Service Provider partners, so you will be recognized for your skills by top employers in the business.